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Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress

Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress

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Is stress playing a bigger role in your life than anything else which you would not like it to? For most of us, the answer to that question is a reechoing YES! Stress is an extreme emotion of tension of the modern human experience. While some stress is appropriate, even productive, we now know that too much of stress can be quite harmful by physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Ayurvedic medicine for stress offers a beautiful perspective on stress management. But in order to understand harmful stress in a better way, we will first explore the potential consequences of excess stress.

Mechanics of Stress

Our bodies react to stress in a same way that they react to fear. We experience fear when we have a cause to be concerned about our well-being or safety. We experience stress when we feel under threat, but are not actually in any immediate danger. The feelings and physical responses we experience due to the threat have no physical outlet and so we begin to build up stress eventually leading to chronic fatigue, anxiety and a variety of physical illnesses. Living in such an imbalanced polluted environment, where people don’t have enough time for themselves. You can get a fit body by applying some tips in your daily routine visit

Key to Keep Fitness

Stress Management Training works by breaking down the Fight of Flight Syndrome into three interrelated systems:  Firstly our thoughts.  Secondly: the physical changes which take place in our bodies, and thirdly: the behavior which results from these. When we experience stress our thoughts are of perceived danger. Ayurvedic medicine for stress has been regarded as a wonderful ancient system of healing with the help of natural herbs. The ingrained power of herbs help to combat with diseases in a natural and healthier way.

Herbs: Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress


Brahmi is a herb in Ayurvedic medicine for reducing stress. It decreases the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in our body. This herb alleviates the effects of stress by regulating hormones involved with the stress response. It further enhances your concentration power, brain functions and use to sharpen and strengthening your memory. Brahmi has been used for years in terms of treating Alzheimer’s diseases.


Bhringraj helps in detoxifying the body and energizing your brain by consistently supplying oxygen to them and increasing blood circulation. We lose hair because of stress in our mind, but people rarely have the idea that Bhringraj oil gives amazing result for hair treatment and reducing stress. The calming effects of the Bhringraj tea will leave your mind and body relaxed. It is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for stress.


Jatamansi or Spikenard is an anti-stress and anti-fatigue herb. This herb has several benefits like skin care, sleep inducing, healing bacterial infection and it is considered to be a memory enhancing herb from ages. The roots of Jatamansi plant have umpteen therapeutic effects on your stressed mind. These roots keep your mind and body free of toxins and blockages and further provides us a sense of stability, allowing your brain to function properly.


Ashwagandha is a combination of amino acids and vitamins, that helps the body adapt itself to stressful situations and reduces the stress hormones. And further it boosts energy, stamina and endurance power. It also promotes better sleep and balances the energiesĀ in the body and helps treat insomnia. Ashwagandha is considered as the best Ayurvedic medicine for stress.


Vacha is best to mind clarified. The magical root of this herb has a reliever action over various mental disorders which induce lucidity in mind. Its calm properties help you sleep better and calm the anxious mind. It is an ideal herb for students, musicians, meditators and all who need deep focus and attention in their work.

In essence, with these points, these herbs have a relaxing and calming property which makes it an important element for various Ayurvedic and herbal medicinal products. So, in my opinion, try to take these elements as your Ayurvedic medicine for better health. Or in case of major stress problem, if you want to take medicine, then

try some ayurvedic medicine for stress and anxiety

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